This time, lard Cui didn’t take us to the meeting room, but in the office, there are large leather sofas, gorgeous nanmu furniture and wonderful oil paintings … Although the collocation still smells earthy, it is all high-end goods after all.
But the tea is still not good-I just tasted it and waited for the goods carefully. I immediately saw that I was unhappy. I hesitated for ten minutes and one second. The goods immediately brightened up and said, "Oh, master, I almost forgot that these common teas are not to your taste … please wait for my horse to bring you the old tea." This guy started rummaging through the cupboard while saying.
"No, just drink casually." I really don’t want to bother the tea. It’s not so much about it-I don’t know if I was scared by five ghosts just now. This guy is trying to please my mouth and shouting, "It’s good to have nothing."
While quickly taking out a box from the surface and opening it …
Suddenly, a clear fragrance of tea filled the whole room, and it was said that there was a kind of enchanting taste in this fragrance-lard Cui tea spoon took out a little and put it in the cup. "This is good tribute tea, but not everyone can drink it."
"Wait, I suddenly had an idea," Show me the tea. "
It’s hard to say about the sixth sense, but there is a saying that there is providence in it. Many things are traced in everything, and people who practice dharma will be very aware of it-it’s like a signal floating in the air. Your people’s radio receives a noisy buzz, but our high-precision military signal station can naturally hear it.
Now I feel that the tea seems to have an unusual taste. Of course, this is not because my master has rubbed it there several times and the brothers have paid tribute to the good tea. Because this tea is unheard of, it is a bit surprising, but because I really feel an unusual taste.
Tea is really good tea, but when I look at it carefully, I seem to feel that there is something rolling and boiling in it, like a restless lake rolling-look carefully, but it seems that there is nothing!
It’s just tea
Sang Yu XIII also took the tea box, and both of them took out a little and put it on the table to look at it carefully. But as for me, Sang Yu or XIII, we didn’t see any clues from it. It seems that this tea is normal and normal, just like the three dollars and five pounds sold by street vendors outside.
It’s like a talent auction throwing out tens of millions to buy a farmer. When you investigate, you find that Ya is just a group of ordinary villagers in a village. There is no legacy, no overseas relatives, no winning prize in the enclosure … Simply, ordinary soldiers threw out this large sum of money.
Ordinary is what makes it unusual.
We didn’t know the tea story until we asked.
Although this county is very small, there were some enthusiastic young people who joined our party’s army during the Anti-Japanese War, and then several people died in successive countries years ago-the ashes returned were protected by a monument to be remembered by future generations.
The monument used to be on the edge of the county town, but after so many years, the county town has been expanded again and again, and the monument park is located in a prime location-arguably, this kind of place is generally unattended, but the pig’s head, pig’s brain and cadre Zhu have actually lost their hands.
This guy is still using the old tactics of coercion, carrot and stick. A demolition resolution was passed in the county, and the monument was demolished and the park was abandoned, and then developed into a high-end commercial center for sale.
It is reasonable to say that even if you do this, there is nothing wrong, but the bad is the problem of disposal after demolition.
This pig’s head is so bad that it oozes pus. Although he promised to rebuild the monument in another place after the demolition, he just didn’t want to do it-so a pile of heroic martyrs’ ashes was locked up in a cemetery warehouse by Ya.
How dare you do it!
Section two hundred and ten 2 cases tribute tea (4)
Feng Shanhe went back to his hometown to marry and have children, but he always gave up his feelings for the monument. He volunteered to be a manager in charge of the cleanliness and protection of the monument.
Feng Shanhe was no longer in charge of the monument when it was demolished. He naively supported the pig-headed cadre’s decision that the old man should do whatever it takes to move the monument when the country needs it.
But after more than half a year, the old man went to the grave of his two brothers and found that the pile of urns was treated like a roof leaking with moss and a broken house. A lot of urns were thrown away, and many urns were knocked over, and the martyrs’ ashes were mixed with rain and mud, and the color could not be seen …
But the old man cried!
Then it’s simple. The old man went to the leader and the person in charge several times, and even visited and wrote to ZH not ng y ā ng-it’s a pity that an old man of several decades can’t compete with those corrupt officials in terms of energy and physical strength. Finally, the old man smashed the pig-headed cadre’s car in anger and was charged with’ destroying other people’s property’ by the goods man.
Suicide in the night old man’s prison, leaving only half a wall of blood!
Old man Feng has an adopted child named Feng Donglai after his marriage-in order to recover the old man’s body for burial as soon as possible, he ran to the pig-headed cadres to plead for mercy, and finally he had to let the old man receive the body for burial smoothly.
However, the pig gave Feng Donglai 3,000 yuan to calm it down.
According to Lard Cui, the boy took refuge in the pig-headed cadres when he was greedy, and began to give gifts as a way out. First, some so-called antiques during the Anti-Japanese War were rummaged around and a box of tea was made. It was said that a former chief rewarded tea, and only emperors could drink tribute tea in ancient times …
Because I thought of a sentence
The soul of the hero can’t be deceived!
The soul of heroes, also known as the soul of heroes and Buddhists, belongs to the ten spirits in the classification. There are also souls of kings, generals, proud souls, fierce souls, giant souls, etc., which belong to the spirits condensed by the heroic fear and proud righteousness of heaven and earth after the death of some indomitable people, and many of them have been reincarnated into reincarnation, but some have left the world to continue to defend their ideals.
That lard Cui is respectful to us now. I don’t know if it’s a bad thing. People are even more afraid of ghosts and gods. Anyway, this product has a good attitude and thoughtful arrangement. I heard that we are going to find Feng Donglai and quickly sent someone to check the place.
Then our ya led straight to Feng Donglai’s residence.
Lk. 13 mused, "What I investigated and what you investigated should be the same thing-that is to say, hundreds of urns were lost in a cemetery warehouse more than half a year ago."
"Are those martyr urns?" I don’t think it’s strange that you can guess who’s going to steal any casket in Yiping Ri. "Do you think this Feng Dong did it?"
Sang Yu nodded. "It’s possible that Feng Donglai took refuge in the cadre Zhu and then stole the urn and reburied it. It’s also a conscience to find some comfort-but" she solemnly said to me, "This cadre Zhu’s bad deeds are also a great joy. Will you go to the beginning to save him?"
I wry smile "is not I want to save him, but I want to investigate the whole truth-let’s just say this is a case, I have to give an account to the National Security Bureau to make the whole thing white; Yu said that the pig-headed cadre is so-called that it is best to let ya die, even if it is really necessary to save it, and let this goods suffer enough. "
"So what do you want?" Sang Yu asked, "See God’s will?"
I hey hey smile "take your time. Let’s go to Feng Donglai’s house first and then find a place to live and investigate slowly-if the king’s egg really survives the undead, even if the goods are lucky."
"Fine. Sang Yu cocked his head and thought," God wants to save him, and we can do it naturally. "
Thirteen interrupt pleasure "who said ability? If you really want to delay taking Liu Pi Cloud back to your house, everything will be delayed … "
"Well, I don’t complain.
Sang Yu blushed and spat, "Thirteen, you’re getting less and less straight now. Cough, I’m not white. What’s wrong with Liu Pi Yunzhu people? They all become glib and like new people?" Then he turned around and grabbed my arm. "Do you dare’ eh’?"