"There are still some things on the surface that can be seen clearly in a moment." Windson’s finger pointing is the key position of the human body. "Remember that once you hit the key, don’t give your opponent a counterattack. Maybe this is the first test."

Grass people have set up a training ground in front of one person. It’s really like Lin Feng’s saying that grass people are almost the same height. Take a step back and stab the man with a fork. At that moment, keep an eye on the other person’s chest. Don’t want to harpoon or miss, just as Lin Feng said. If you are facing a water thief at this time, it’s very simple to hope to fall on the other person once you stab him. I hope to see who can best grasp it once.
In front of the dilapidated wooden house, the old man kept looking for things from the ashes, and the remaining planks temporarily set up a residence and spread some firewood. It is not difficult to find a way to rebuild the wooden house after the water thief has left.
"Brother Lin Tiezhu really missed twice just now?" Windson retreated aside Li Xiuer could not help but ask in a low voice.
"It’s not a slant, but a slight movement of footsteps to avoid all people’s attention being attracted by the harpoon. I didn’t notice it." At that moment, windson told the truth, although the harpoon attack was a little partial, it could still hit the body. Just move your foot gently and keep your body straight. It seems to others that Lin Fenggen didn’t move, but the iron column didn’t hit it.
"Then why don’t you tell Brother Tiezhu?"
"pride goes before a fall. Although some achievements are still a little far from forming combat power, we can’t relax at this time."
"Sa understands."
At present, the grass man took a deep breath after stabbing the rotten iron column. At that moment, he didn’t stare at the figure of the grass man in front of him. The harpoon stabbed him accurately and accidentally, and it was also the throat position of the grass man.
"It’s all thanks to the Lin brothers."
"Try it now."
Windson picked up the harpoon and shook it. It seems that it is difficult to distinguish between the actual situation and the actual situation. It seems that the left side suddenly stabbed, and everything happened in the middle. Everyone cheered again and again behind him. This is the thing. It is much worse than windson to practice these by yourself.
At that moment, it aroused everyone’s desire to win again. It was an incredible thing to fight against water thieves for three days with your own strength. Just like this, it aroused everyone’s fighting spirit.
From early morning to dusk, from accuracy to change, and finally to actual combat drills, the special training of Sanjiang Village is deployed according to Lin Feng, which is carried out in turn. It is urgent for Lin Feng to look at all the people in the face of fierce water thieves and want to win. These are far from enough to really improve their combat power. The means are tactics.
Tactics and marching arrangements often have the means to maximize the attack power through subtle arrangement and setting the order of shots. Of course, there are many subtleties such as ambush, war, luring the enemy and so on.
A medium-sized boat appeared with several people armed with weapons and a black flag hanging from the bow. These are the unique signs of water thieves. Ordinary fishing boats fled immediately when they saw the black flag. The water thief was not only fierce, but also very familiar with the surrounding waters. What Lin Feng faced on that day was just a few ordinary water thieves who just destroyed the boat with water, and finally Lin Feng almost died at the bottom of the water.
There are also several people sitting in the cabin, three people sitting in one corner, three women with cloth in their mouths and no ropes in their hands and feet. This is the root of water. I don’t worry about someone escaping from the gag, mostly because I don’t want to hear those people crying.
"It will be so troublesome to just kill them all." One person shook his ghost Dao and showed some dissatisfaction with this return to Sanjiang Village.
"After killing all the brothers, don’t you want to drink the northwest wind?"
"Broken village can have any oil and water or rob merchant ships. There is not even a decent woman in this bird-less place." Say that finish, the eyes can’t help but fall into three people in the corner
"Eldest brother said that the wind has been tight recently, and the Royal Guards have been searching for water for a long time. They are worried that the brothers will temporarily avoid the limelight after they have ideas to do a few strokes."
"What’s the big deal about Royal Guards? Others are afraid of us."
"Well, eldest brother said try not to get into trouble with the court."
"Big brother, big brother is in charge of everything. When can our brothers be their own masters?"
"Don’t say it again after you remember these words, or you will die."
"Don’t worry, what to say and what not to say is clear in my heart." The first person is angry and fierce. Put away these people. Who is the eldest brother in the eyes of everyone? Is it strength or means or him?
In the night, a few figures stood guard on the periphery of iron pillars, holding harpoons and trying to keep their eyes open. What happened last night must not happen again.
"Iron column, you go to sleep. We’ll watch here."
"Keep your eyes open for good."
Lin Feng hides in the dark and occupies the best position, so that everything can be seen clearly. Li Xiuer pokes her head out. "When will Brother Lin do it?"
Windson laughed "eye has reached to go back to sleep"
Chapter 43 Delicate layout
What would you do if you had three days left in your life?
The topic is not heavy. For Sanjiang Village, the facts are in front of us. On the third day, according to the agreement, the water thief will definitely come before the morning.
The gray-haired old man quietly put on a stone tablet engraved with three characters of Sanjiang Village. What did he think? Today, Sanjiang Village is exceptionally quiet, and the continuous training has suddenly disappeared. Most of them have become accustomed to being quiet, but people feel uncomfortable.
"Erzhu Dad, try this on."
Today, the protagonist becomes a woman with a needle and thread, and her hands are flexible to sew clothes around the animal shell with small holes. Her hands are raised to the whole chest position, and the original defense means are reproduced here.
Bang bang, it’s strong to knock a few times. "It’s just right or it’s handy."
The woman clenched her lips and looked at everyone like this. It was clear that the fierce water thief was coming. The iron column held the harpoon for several days, and she had a special feeling for the harpoon.
"Don’t worry"
"Be sure to live"
"Don’t talk bad luck, the iron pillar is hard, and the Yan dare not hide with the children."
The woman promised to go straight to the village as soon as she pulled up the two children. As the crowd slowly moved up the mountain, someone looked back from time to time.
"Dad, let’s go."
The white-haired old man sighed and touched the stone tablet gently. "Ancestors bless Sanjiang Village to survive this disaster."
There is only one person left in Sanjiang Village. When Lin Feng looks at Fang from a height, he slowly passes by and waits until dusk. In the water, a black black appears, which is getting closer and closer.