As its name implies, the former army is responsible for asking for information and dealing with various possible threats, just as the spear tip goes against the camp of the commander-in-chief of the Chinese army, just like the spear body and the spear tip together with the whole spear. If it is finished, the Chinese army has the same number of troops, and the rear army is responsible for providing supplies for daily meals and transporting food from all over the country.

Will be promulgated, Yan Jin will take a long breath and accompany you like a tiger. You can’t be careless. The situation is that Zhu Yuanzhang, who is famous for being suspicious, recommended Lin Feng instead of Longyi this time. The strength of the Dragon Group must be chosen by the 10th Battalion. It is believed that Lin Feng’s resilience is one aspect that has been completely reflected in the face of danger from the first world war in Qingfeng Valley.
A group of people returned to Beijing in a mighty way. This trial with hunters participating in the Royal Guards is bound to become a much-told story, especially when the news that Lin Feng Tianlong Camp returned to Beijing came out, it was not a bad thing for some people to be close to the Tiger Group and be able to build with Royal Guards.
"My Lord, there’s another wave of people. Do you accept it or not?"
"take care of it"
With a wave of his hand, windson’s front yard has been filled with boxes of various sizes. When it’s finished, it’s bound to be good things. At this moment, windson’s performance seems to be different from that of strict import.
"It’s so many advantages to be an official and have fun casually. I think it took a lot of effort to get that little, and I have to worry about being caught by the government all day." Tang Niu knocked a few experienced people from time to time from the sound and weight to judge what was inside
"My Lord, do you really want to keep these things?" There is a little concern in the small expression. It doesn’t matter if you accept something. It’s hard for someone to be jealous if you accept so much. This kind of thing will cause trouble to adults’ ears.
"Why not?"
"There are too many things to be suspected of bribery. Once someone finds out, it will be bad for adults."
Windson responded, "these people are either rich or expensive. How many people get it through hard work! The condition thing is that they are willing to send it here. Windson didn’t force it, and didn’t promise anything. They also won’t get rid of these things. Tang Niu worked hard to link up the victims outside the city and send them out if he had to. "
"Give this to Tang Niu."
Before Tang Niu, you’re welcome. You can tear up the satin directly with your arms. "Adults can make some flowery clothes for Xiao Niang."
"No fooling around"
Night arrival, one day, the hustle and bustle ended, and Lin Feng returned to his residence. With the last torch extinguished, the whole tenth battalion was dark. Since the trial of the tenth battalion, the alternate camp suddenly blew up the pot and tried to enter the tenth battalion. It is conceivable that Lin Feng declined to enter the Royal Guards in this way these days.
Snap, windson, be alert, grab the flying fish blade and fall, not jump straight. If you choose this way, once someone hides outside, take the opportunity to send out that hidden weapons is in danger. The best way is to hide his body on the ground.
The left-handed flying fish knife hand looks at the hazy moonlight outside and can’t see the figure. If someone is at the window, they will definitely take a picture. Just now, although the sound is light, they can still hear clearly. That sound should be the sound made by a sharp weapon piercing.
Is it an illusion or something that the figure quickly approaches the whole person and there is no sound at the door? Body slowly in a small hole to attract the attention of windson.
There’s nothing wrong with the wind blowing through the hole. This hole didn’t appear before going to bed. Look along the direction of the hole, and a thin needle sticks to the bedside board.
Such a subtle hidden weapons technique and the method of letting people capture the posture can do this throughout the tenth battalion. There is a man flying in the sky, Yan Linfeng, and he came to the crowd and tied something behind the fine needle.
It took more than ten years to get through the wood with a silver needle, and the root method was used to unload the surface cloth and hit the moment when Lin Feng was stunned.
The red handprint is a bloody handprint, and there is no mistake. There is a mysterious bloody handprint in the hidden box of the bed.
In an instant, Lin Fengla rushed out of the door and looked around. It was quiet. There was a vast area in front of Camp Ten’s residence. It was not easy to hide a person. The figure slowly returned to the other party. For example, if you entered Camp Ten, did you sneak in or have been here? Who is it? It will never be Feitianyan unless you want to show your identity in this way, you will never be stupid enough to be your best way.
Does the reappearance of the red bloody handprint indicate anything? Does everything have an excellent origin with the words written in it? Unfortunately, the final outcome is too sad. Zhu Biao
Lin Fenghao’s door retreated to the bedside. At this time, there is a small bloody handprint in sleepiness. This is definitely not a human handprint. It should be a special method. Putting the face in front of the nose reveals a unique aroma. "What a strange smell!" Windson eyebrows a wrinkly, if you smell even a little at a time, you can judge each other’s identity by this smell, which makes people forget to smell it once.
A small piece of cloth shakes hands, the flying fish knife reveals a cold chill, and the inexplicable appearance of blood fingerprints raises a trace of fear in Lin Feng’s heart. This fear is not from the threat of death, but more from guessing how many unknown evil deeds are hidden behind and the heart that can be seen through the clothes.
"imperial edict!"
At dawn, a group of guards broke into the tenth camp and got up to practice knives. Several people stopped crunching and windson walked out of the face from the inside with a smile, which didn’t affect the mood at all because of what happened last night. Since the other party has already made moves, it will not end like this. The more urgent the other party is, the more urgent it will be to force those people to make moves to find out the identity of the other party.
"Windson still don’t come to meet purport"
Eunuch took a white look at his palace, and he never saw any big shots. Seeing Lin Feng slowly and leisurely, he suddenly became angry, "Tianlong Camp took orders."
Others have knelt down. A few days ago, someone sent a reward, which was nothing valuable. After all, it was the emperor who rewarded them one by one, just like playing chicken blood. Today, there was an imperial edict coming in. How could his groups be so powerful? Especially from the alternate camp, a few people were stunned. It was a good bet to choose the tenth camp.
"Fengtian carries the emperor Zhao Yue Tian Long Ying Lin Feng Zhong Yi Guo’s strategy is extraordinary, and I am very comforted by this matter. I will do my best."
The eunuch made a wink and simply put away the imperial edict in his hand and gave it up "a thousand adults can know at a glance"
Chapter one hundred and forty-seven Imperial edict
Windson carefully took the imperial edict. I don’t know what material it was made of. It was mostly psychological. At that moment, his hand was particularly heavy, and he was covered with a decree to represent the highest power of the great dynasty.
The imperial edict slowly hit Lin Feng and stared at the words on the surface of the scene. At that moment, I thought that I should not complete this mission. The bloody handprint appeared last night and reappeared in my mind.
See write "Dragon Camp Lin Feng led the escort to set off immediately for the northern tour". The purpose of this should be to avoid the news from leaking. Someone has ulterior motives.
"Lin Fengling purport to give thanks"
"Thousands of adults made preparations early and missed the hour."
"Father-in-law can rest assured"
My father-in-law said that when the corners of his mouth moved in, his eyes fell on the boxes on the side of the courtyard. This windson himself made a lot of money. He didn’t want to be so ignorant of the rules. This kind of thing can be understood and calculated. Seeing windson didn’t give benefits and mean to take people away.
"What did your Excellency write?" His eyes fell on the imperial edict before a few people quickly, and the golden face was full of black patterns. It was convenient to play scrolls on both sides, and many people didn’t have a chance to see it in a generation.
"When preparing for a possible departure," Lin Feng quickly put away the imperial edict. Since it is confidential, the less people know, the better.
"yes! Great. "
Several people’s faces lit up at the same time, but Tang Niu didn’t see him. If Tang Niu had cried at the top of his voice long ago, the Royal Guards were the emperor, and it was also the mission to handle affairs with the emperor. No wonder these small people were so excited that they turned around and returned to their rooms without saying anything to Lin Feng.
Windson looked at a few people from the back with imperial edict in hand. Will that person appear last night? Who will it be among a few people?
With this moment, everything that seems to be explained by law gradually becomes clear and inexplicable, and the mysterious instructions in the hidden box of the blood handprint are once again presented, and then the imperial edict of accompanying Taitai is skillfully linked.
Of course, Lin Feng is more concerned about who the bloody handprint was sent out last night, whether it was one of them here or someone else’s. Was the bloody handprint sent out at will or was it directed by others? What is the secret hidden in the secret compartment? Except for Lin Feng, there was a bloody handprint. That person knows who he is!
Mysteries appear one by one, and those lost memories make Lin Feng fall into a passive past at this time. How many secrets does Lin Feng hide?
"So soon!"
Lin Feng turned and flew to the sky. Yan has reached the crowd, and her flying skills are outstanding. Walking is much lighter than ordinary people. "Walking in rivers and lakes is used to leaving at any time, and her clothes have long been packed."
Fei Tian Yan has a small bag on her back, which should always be put in when she changes clothes. Men can cope with it, and women always like to be clean.
"Do one thing for me"
Feitianyan nodded. "Just as Mr. Lin ordered."
"Out of the city to find Tang Niu out of the city, I will leave a mark to check along the way. Once I find something wrong, don’t make a move and discuss it before I start to solve it." At this moment, Lin Feng still chooses to believe that Feitian Yan will not start work easily even if the other person finds that she is a threat to herself.
"This simple one step ahead"
Say that finish stepped out of the dragon camp figure soon disappeared windson that appeared almost at the same time is the dragon camp remaining a few people but not small.
"My Lord, we are ready."
"Wait a minute."
A few people still can’t see the small figure when they look back. The limited distance of men’s belongings is the same. Even if the speed is slower, it won’t be so bad. Unless it is to do something during this period, Lin Feng deliberately asked everyone to go back and tidy up at the same time, just to see who appeared last. Is it small?
It will be that Lin Feng doesn’t want to see the result. In his heart, he took a fancy to Xiao as his best brother. It is precisely the kindness and integrity of Xiao Feng.
"Just now, I seem to have seen the hundred adults coming out. Why haven’t they arrived yet!"
"It’s like going to the backyard."
Tianlongying backyard is quiet. Of course, there is one more thing. This is Li Xiuer and Sargam Xiaoyu’s residence. On weekdays, people seldom go to the backyard except Feitianyan. It happened that they went to the backyard at this time.