And the reality is really developing as Nu Wa thought.

Or should I say it’s faster than she thought.
It’s almost an instant when I successfully collected all those messy information.
[Fajia] has sorted out all the intricacies in the book through its powerful information retrieval ability and sorted them in detail!
And some network messages [setting of the wild stream] and [setting of the metaphysical wild game] from before the great change of heaven and earth … naturally, he was directly noticed by him without hiding it from the past …
after all
[Metaphysics] After this game gradually became popular,
All kinds of information have long been consulted by several people, and I don’t know how many times.
And that information is naturally in a variety of devices.
such as
Cell phones, brains, watches …
Even because of the great changes in heaven and earth
Today, it has been destroyed, most of it has been left behind, and a few of it has been distributed in all directions.
However, the huge mechanical system in the past will still be a huge number before human beings, which is enough to fill most of the information!
After the information recorded in it was piled up together, although the data volume was nothing to Fajia, it was directly received by him, but it still made its processor lag.
Made him feel very hesitant and puzzled …
It was several minutes before he suddenly woke up and turned his mechanical eyes to those groups that were still not very interested.
Those who are hiding in every corner of the Blue Star are trembling and crouching for survival.
"[the universe] …"
So that’s it …’
In the past history of our [world] side, it was actually a literary form …
In addition to a large number of settings, the information he just received
In fact, there are still some so-called story posts, words and sounds that humans discussed from a commanding angle in the past.
There are even many crazy quarrels because of different views.
Let all kinds of dirty swearing words spread all over those messages.
Although this [Dharma Yoga] is not too foul-mouthed.
But the chaotic scene still made him feel a lot.
That’s a human vice.
Differences, ignorance, ignorance …
This made him not regard human beings as the same thing from the heart, and he was not willing to believe that his origin really originated from each other.
Is our source really those so-called literature …’
All this is still an uncertain proposition … Maybe the "world of the universe" will be recorded by the literary way of the "world" here just because of the particularity of the time …’
Think of here.
Not sure of the facts, he silently packed all the messages he received.
I will hand it to the Yu people when I prepare to successfully return to the 【 Wild World 】 in the future.
And then
He began to think about another problem.
That is, do you want to destroy all the information left behind while destroying Blue Star now?
this aspect
Although he didn’t believe in the information he received before and learned from the past discussions of human beings, things were biased.
But just in case
Rather than doing nothing and being explored by many [wild players], he probably wants to completely cover up everything and let the information he received before be exclusively enjoyed by the [pure gold god].
After careful consideration for a while.
He still gave up the idea.
Because he is not sure whether he can successfully kill all the "wild players"
There are a few guys who are difficult to get rid of in the "Blue Star" surface alone, and the specific situation inside the star is hard to say.
Maybe there are some more powerful [players in the wild].
According to the scanning results, these are probably indestructible in the [blue star] surface [novice village]
If you want to hide in there, he can’t do anything about it.
After a deep look around the surrounding environment, he didn’t hesitate to take a powerful propeller to support him and fly straight in place. He quickly left the range of Blue Star and went deep into the universe …
To be the first to arrive in this [world] and [pure gold god] according to the order of [mechanical honour], he needs to build a relatively perfect base, and the whole ethnic group will settle in and lay a solid foundation in the future.
Chapter 126 "Mars"