Fei-yu zhao and I were so noisy in the carriage. First, we wooed our buttons and said softly, I’m asleep. Good night.

Ying Zheng, also the passenger seat, gave us a very dissatisfied look and then said slowly, Mu Lin, do you know what I mean? Dead man mark
Why can’t I understand Ying Zheng? I looked at Ying Zheng and asked lightly how long it would take.
"three months"
Chapter one hundred and fifty-six Three months
Three months is enough.
What can I get out in three months? When I was thinking about this question, I was confused. I suddenly looked at it and asked, Do you want to come with anything? Die?
One is to look at me with a relaxed smile and say that life and death are not your own hands. I’m afraid you are whiter than me. Since life and death are not your own hands, how are you going to control them?
However, Ying Zheng took his time to put in a sentence and said, now let’s go find someone first
By the time Ying Zheng said, I had to wake up. At that time, it was just late. I looked at the dark sky and wondered if I could sleep again later.
But the place where Ying Zheng took us can be said to be in the middle of nowhere. I really wonder if Ying Zheng wants to sell the three of us.
I have given Hui Yuan to the beads. When I got the string of beads, he couldn’t speak for a moment. He looked at the beads for a long time and then asked me, Did you steal them? Or did Master Hui Yuan give it to you personally?
I took a blank look and pretended to be angry. Is Grandpa like that? The master must have given it to me himself!
When I heard this, Zhao Feiyu immediately answered, Hehe, that’s what you used to do. Just grab it, right? It’s okay. We won’t blame you for measuring the Buddha.
Without hesitation, Zhao Feiyu and I almost had a fight, but it was a good thing to hold us back.
I carefully looked at the beads in my hand and smiled at me and said thank you.
Later, I learned that the string of beads was made by Pugen, and the bead surface has the mind of Master Hui Yuan. In a word, this bead is priceless.
When we got to that place, Ying Zheng said that he wanted to see us, and the three of us were unambiguous. We just went to the only house in that position, but when we opened the door of that house, it was full of people. Everyone was waiting except a 60-year-old man in a Tang suit who was sitting in a chair teasing him.
I’m going to laugh when I see that man. How can I not smoke when I disappear for so long?
After the three of us appeared, the people in the meeting room suddenly became quiet. When they saw us, they also released their birds and strode towards us.
"Mu Lin, I, Zhao Feiyu" Bigan nodded his head after calling out our names, and there was a little excitement on his face. "Good! Very good! You are still alive! "
To tell the truth, I really don’t know what makes me so happy. I looked at these faces. They are either former ghost houses or rivers. Is it possible that all members of rivers and ghost houses have conference rooms? I feel a little sad when I think about it.
"Bigan" I nodded at Bigan and forced a smile on my face. Seeing me, Bigan naturally knew what had happened.
He asked someone to move three chairs and motioned for us to sit down. The three of us looked at each other. There were so many uncles and uncles in front of us who didn’t sit down for generations. How dare we do it? It’s impatient to see us so hesitant. He shouted at us and told you to sit down! How come there are so many things!
Since Bigan said so, if we don’t sit down, we won’t give Bigan noodles. As soon as we sat down, the master continued, I called your department here today to ask you to recognize these three faces and see what a rising star is! Those who are dead or not have escaped from the ghost building and rivers! Forget it, forget it! Stop talking about you! Guo Laotou, leave someone else for me and get out of here! Get upset when you look at it
In the face of this remark, the three of us suddenly hung up. Is it because the three of us have educated someone well? I can feel some unfriendly eyes in the crowd, but I still listen to the praise of the old man Bigan with a proud expression, and wait until the meeting room door is not taken away after people leave, leaving an old man in his fifties.
The three of us naturally know the old man in his fifties, that is Zhao Feiyu’s master Guo Jianhua.
Zhao Feiyu almost jumped up from his chair, but Guo Laotou did not look excited. He glanced at Zhao Feiyu lightly and turned his attention to Bigan. "I know that you three people have checked something in Guishi. Come on." Bigan began to tease him and told us to report after seeing everyone left.
I told Bigan about all three of us, and I remembered most of the memory news. When Bigan heard the news, he couldn’t help smiling, and then he called me on the table and knew that Mulin, you little bastard, wouldn’t let me down! You did a good job.
I smiled awkwardly. Zhao Feiyu continued, we are going to enter Mu Jiazu grave again to find Mu Shu.
When I heard the word Mujiazu grave, my face changed, even Guo Laotou’s face changed. I naturally know that my dad Murongxing is amazing in the whole paranormal circle. It’s a pity that now he is trapped … I tried to calm down and went in. What must I have explained to the two uncles?
Guo Laotou nodded and said, "I know what’s in Mujiazu’s grave, and I want to know what you’ll get before."?
Facing Guo Laotou’s question, he shook his head and said that it was impossible for me to make that kind of incense. If I hadn’t found it when I changed it, I’m afraid the three of us would have died long ago.
Bigan smashed his mouth. Naturally, he could see that things were a little difficult. After a long silence, he motioned for Guo Laotou to get something. While Guo Laotou left Bigan, he asked, "Are you going to the ancestral grave again?"
A "yes" answer is calmer than a dry one.
"You don’t know how to worry about the life problems of the three of them with me." Ying Zheng frowned and shook his hand. He just wanted to say something but shut up again.
When I saw him, I hesitated to know that he had something to say to us. I smiled and said, What’s the matter? Just say it. I can see that you have something to say to us.
I have already said that Ying Zheng has lost his power. He looked at me and sighed. Just then Guo Laotou came back with a black envelope and respectfully handed it to Bigan.
The three of us don’t know what medicine to buy in Bigan gourd. After Bigan took the envelope, he got up and handed it to Zhao Feiyu himself and said, Look for yourself.
After Zhao Feiyu opened the envelope, he read it carefully. The more he looked inside, the uglier Zhao Feiyu looked. When Zhao Feiyu handed the envelope to me, he waved and said, I don’t read it. Just tell me directly.